What’s the best way to get promoted in a workplace

Getting a promotion is not easy, however there are things that you can do in order to increase your chances of getting a promotion. Before you read this article, check out this video to how you can get a job promotion. Now let’s begin! I would say there are two categorical ways of getting a promotion – Promotional investments and Active Promotion

Promotional investments –

1. Have Incredible interpersonal and communication skills

Create rapport with people, and be aware of how you present yourself to others. Be friendly, smile and be approachable. People recognise bad vibes very quickly, and they usually stick with them for a long while. Do not be fake, however, that is the worst thing you can do, rather mentally develop the attitude that you are going to be a practical and due diligent enthusiast. Your emotional intelligence and amiability will take you far, simple tendencies that show you have due-diligence, and respect, your are friendly, yet you have moral principles and are not a push over.

2. Improve your office skills and business acumen

Get good at your day-to-day skills using Microsoft Office applications, basic administration and project management, as well as any specialised tools, skills, and resources you’ll use. It is important that you develop your skills by taking opportunities, supporting and assisting managers and senior members of staff in order to get a bigger picture of what is happening within the workplace. You’ll soon realise that your contribution is more than your level and that you are positioning yourself as a niche expert in that topical area. Get someone from a specialist team to coach and teach you the neat tricks, and use them as soon as possible for your everyday work. I remember setting up Excel coaching sessions with someone from the informatics & analytics team, it has done wonders! So be bold and seek opportunities to learn more

3. Take opportunities

Become a master opportunity seeker, taking them as they come. This may be opportunities to do more training, go on secondment, or be mentored, remember all of this contributes to your continuous personal develop, curriculum vitae, and work experience. The better you are at taking opportunities, the more chances you have of positioning yourself towards getting a promotion. Make sure that you develop reflective learning and record them using tools such as the Gibbs cycle or the Schön model

4. Adopt systems change and service improvement

Identify gaps in your current systems at work and follow the process of doing a:

Needs Assessment → Diagnosis → Plan →(Proposal to the team) → Implementation →Analysis → Evaluation

This will help you methodically approach any systems change within your workplace and see how you can effect change in a positive direction. Talk to different people and see what their experience and view is of the system, look at the data and hard facts before you make a firm decision down a particular path

5. Take the initiative

Do not wait for your manager before you complete or tackle a task, sometimes a proposal is not necessary and you just need to go head first! Time waits for no one, and it will soon be someone else to crack the ideas you had hoped to realise. Take action and get recognised for it in a methodical and evidence-based way

Active Promotion –

1.Check with your boss-man

Ask your manager if you can do a new role or get a pay rise for what you are doing already. This isn’t a guarantee, but if you don’t try you don’t know. Timing and knowing how your manager views you is important, because if you ask your manager for a promotion and you do nothing, or your manager views you in a potentially negative light, then you’ll look stupid, and you’ll be rejected

2.Apply for jobs

This is an obvious one, and if you do not apply for jobs you’re just letting time do its thing… that is nothing. I have already talked about how to apply for jobs via the link so click on it to get a greater detail

3. Talk to People at work

People know people, and people have the ability to influence decision-making, especially when it gets to jobs. When people can see you are looking for a job or that you have great potential, they are likely to help you out, especially, when they like you. Be honest and express interest to people about how your options are open, but open in a way that is directed towards what they currently do (assuming it is)

This should help you on your journey towards getting a promotion! 🙂

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