#62 Completed the first draft of my book!


I am extremely excited and satisfied at the fact that I have completed the first draft to my first ever book! I went from a 30-day challenge to a 300-day challenge. It was not easy but with persistence and perseverance, I was able to succeed. Now I still have iterations to do etc. but I shall endeavour as always. The next steps will be to read through for grammar, spelling, flow and logical next steps. Then I shall get feedback from other people, as well as from an editor. In the meantime, I shall begin thinking about book cover designs. All of this is very exciting. For me, it’s about completion. I have had a problem completing things for a long time. But over the past 4 years, I have learnt lessons that have moulded me into a man that wants to own something, that wants to be known for something, and wants to help other do what sets their hearts ablaze! Hopefully, you can use this motivation to succeed in your passions, hopes and dreams. Make it a goal and stick the course of time!

Hey there! I’m Michael Tabirade and I help Personal Brands discover, develop and deliver their expert-based business using digital marketing.

I know it’s not easy trying to start your own business and still live the life you want to live. It takes extreme sacrifice, effort and energy to do it well, whilst competing with everyone else in your industry. It can be frustrating, and even though you don’t want to lose hope, secretly behind everyone who believes in you, you do… I know exactly how this feels…

Sometimes all you need is patience, and other times it’s a lack of knowledge and direction. So after many of my friends and family were asking for Business & Leadership help, I put together a programme to do just that…

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