#90 Improving Productivity

Productivity is key to making sure you can position yourself to deliver outputs that you set out to deliver. There are two key ways in order for you to do this:

  1. Your Phone’s calendar: This is extremely easy to do but we do not always make it a simple task. All it requires is for you to set appointments on your phone with the right information such as:
    1. Title of the appointment
    2. An email invite to the person(s) you are meeting
    3. Geo-tag to the location you are meeting
    4. The time and date
    5. Colour coordination to categorise the meeting to signify urgency and importance
    6. Any notes or links you think would benefit the meeting
  2. Having an accountability partner or group: This is vital as it allows you all to be responsible for monitoring, encouraging, and coaching your like-minded colleagues to succeed in their endeavours. This in turn prompts you to take action on your goals

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