How to have Humility and Live a Successful Life


Humility is a word that is hard for many to express into existence. I frequently like to remind my readers of the definition of particular words I focus on, so here it is: “The quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance“. Now the definition states that one uses a quality i.e a standard of something being measured against other things similar or not, where they have a modest or low view of someone’s importance.

If we channel in just on the first part of the definition “The quality of having a modest view of one’s importance..” we realise that this defines a sense of recognising in yourself and others that we are all equal and as important or unimportant as each other; depending on how you look at it. So for someone to display traits that are not humbling, may, in fact, psychological express into existence through behviour a sense of superiority if they are boastful in more ways than one, or inferiority if they self-deprecate and lack belief in themselves. Humility develops with maturity, having a real sense of awareness of oneself determines the scale of humility one uses in their life.

The interesting part of the second definition is “The quality of having a low view of one’s importance” which can sound quite negative when reading aloud. Either an experience, intuitive feeling, ora, and behavioural observance can make someone measure themselves or another in a low manner, but it is that initial experience that determines that perceptive low measure for them. Over time they can determine the measure of humility based on these factors.

Let’s dig deeper

So what does this all mean? It means that people must develop self-awareness and understanding of themselves, they must be able to understand how they communicate to others and potentially how that may make people feel, they need to be able to understand what life is telling them and how that contributes to their growth and the growth of others. Whether you are a Bible believer or not there are many elements if not all elements in the bible, that provide very good moral teachings and lessons. It quite simply says in Matthew 23:12: “Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.” Wow… what a verse. This to me says that if you are living a life where you intentionally continue to say “Look at me, I am so great” whether it be direct or indirect, through words or through actions, the universe will humble you whether you like it or not.

The law of Karmic energy does not allow for it to happen any other way. But if you show respect for others, have a humbling confidence, have empathy and understanding qualities, and understand we are all equal in essence, then life has no choice but to expose your greatness. Of course there are many factors to greatness, and the word greatness is subjective to the reader, however, humility creates an art, substance, a respect, effective for real communication, personal power, and an attractive force that many other characteristic qualities don’t possess.

The importance of balance

Balance is key, it is important to recognise yourself as a great being, however let your knowledge, understanding, and most importantly experiences humble you to generate an inner surge of expressive energy which will be released when the time pronounces itself. Remember there will be people who see your humility and will either be jealous of your qualities, or they may feel like you are pretending to be someone you’re not, but such is life. Ignore the haters, in some cases, it means it’s working because it may reveal that they need to humble themselves also! Always understand that you have the power to create what it is you must, but you must remain humble, do not mistake knowledge for power, do not mistake enthusiasm as power, do not mistake experience as power. Real power comes from self-awareness, awareness of the environment(s) you create, and your desired responses in and from the environment(s).

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