Here’s how I managed by Super Busy Week!

Balancing Act: How to Manage a Super Busy Week

It’s been a super busy week for me! Following last week’s successful gathering at my house with the guys, my schedule has been jam-packed with various commitments:

  • Preparing for my upcoming coach training program
  • Engaging in my role as a Programme Manager in my contracting work
  • Writing and creating content
  • Making a guest appearance on an early morning Podcast
  • Participating in a Performance Review Governance Training session
  • Attending the Institute of Leadership Awards Ceremony
  • Delivering my coach training program from 9 to 5

Whew, it’s been a whirlwind of activity!

This busy week got me thinking – while I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this level of busyness, how did I manage to juggle it all?

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Here are some strategies that helped me stay on top of things:

  1. Take Power Naps: When possible, grab a quick power nap. Napping for either 20 minutes or 90 minutes (based on scientific research) can help recharge your energy.
  2. Block Time for Responses: In the age of instant messaging, it’s easy to either respond immediately or ignore messages altogether. Create a schedule where you intentionally set aside time to respond to messages.
  3. Minimize Screen Time: Excessive screen use can be draining. Reduce screen fatigue by wearing blue light glasses or simply taking breaks from screens, including TV, gaming, and social media.
  4. Prioritize with a List: Create a priority list that focuses on essential tasks. Use the Eisenhower Matrix to distinguish urgent and important tasks and tackle them first.
  5. Plan for Rest: Recognize that during busy periods, sleep may be compromised. Prepare for this by scheduling tasks in advance, ensuring some content or work is preplanned to create gaps for rest.
  6. Know When to Rest: After completing a task, especially a priority task, resist the urge to immediately find something else to do. Allow yourself to rest and recharge.

During busy seasons, finding balance is crucial, but remember that balance may not always feel like balance. It might look like intense focus or even obsession, depending on your goals and values for that period.

Every season, opportunity, and individual is different, so it’s essential to adapt and accommodate as needed.

If my experiences and strategies have offered any insight or assistance, please feel free to let me know or share this newsletter with someone who might benefit from it.

Stay awesome!

Kind regards,

Michael Tabirade

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