About Michael Tabirade


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Michael Tabirade, and I am a British-born Ghanaian living in London. I have graduated with a Bsc Medical Biochemistry degree, and my professional experience lies in project management, change management, and commissioning within the National Health Service (NHS) for London. You can check out more about my corporate journey via LinkedIn.

This website aims to serve as a platform for practical advice for Personal Brands and self-starters. I am a Public Speaker focusing on Achievement, Strategic Positioning and Best Practice for Personal Brands who desire improved and directed results. My mission statement is to “Provide the ambitious with a system for Success!


Understand Reach Expand

My basic philosophy for success is broken down into 3 segments:

  1. Understand: Get to know yourself and others better in order develop the soft skills for achievements. This will inevitably involve enhancing your self-awareness, confidence, communication and emotional and social intelligence
  2. Reach: Use the power of imagination to ignite the development of research, planning and strategizing. These alone will empower you to take action get you closer to your goals
  3. Expand: Evaluate and review your challenges, and use these lessons for growth and development. In addition, fortify your systems and networks to reach every facet of your goal

I have recently released two self-published books Understand Reach Expand: 15 Super Effective ways to Manage your Mind and Desire: The Cornerstone between Nothing and Success, which can be found on Kindle and Paperback via Amazon. They are short reads but very effective in positioning your mind for success.



Check out more about my book journey via this article here. In addition, you can watch my book journey via this link!

My Belief

I believe in all things good and all things loving, and believe in the human potential to achieve. As an encourager for laughter, social mobility and conscience growth, together we can make a positive mark. I admire moral and creatively perceived logical ideals. In today’s society, our minds are fragile, and corrupted by conditional behaviours, fragile mindsets, and schematas (the quality and pattern of thoughts organised against it’s relationship to an experience) that express generational habituation. It is up to us to understand that we cannot change the stimuli that hit us, however, we can always control our response (Viktor, Frankl). Allow me to help you channel this!

It is time for us to make the decisions and not let hear-say determine what is truth in our lives!

“Sacrifice is the beginning of success”, so my friends be successful and make the necessary sacrifices to make it so…SIMPLES!

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